Dehydrated Garlic & Garlic powder

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Garlic is used and loved in cuisines all over the world and we use garlic almost every day in our kitchen. What better way to preserve and keep a stock of garlic by dehydrating them? Better yet, we also made garlic powder from dehydrated garlic! Garlic powder is easy and very versatile to use while cooking, use it in marinades, soups and other dishes. One head of garlic yields about 2 to 3 trays of garlic.

Difficulty: Easy
Shelf life: 3-6 months in airtight, dark container
Time: 12 hours drying time
Servings: –
Equipment: Dehydrator

• 1 head of garlic

1. Coarsely chop or slice the garlic cloves.
2. Evenly distribute the garlic on the dehydrator tray
3. Dehydrate at 40 degrees °C for 12 hours.
4. Store them in airtight containers and deep dark.

Garlic powder:
1. Take the dehydrated garlic cloves and put them in the blender, blend at high speed for 30-60 seconds.


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