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in the kitchen

Introducing our new BS5 blender, the easy-to-use artisan blender for your home. Equipped with a powerful motor, it is designed to maximize power and user comfort. This combined with the durable stainless steel blades, the CI BS5 optimizes blending performance and efficiency. Create beautiful dishes, experiment with fun ingredients and new ways of cooking. Become a true artisan in the kitchen with the help of the CI BS5 blender.

for you

Be inspired by the wonderful award winning design of the BS5 blender. Be empowered in the kitchen by what it can do. Create the most delicious dishes with ease and the comfort of the BS5. A blender that offers great performance and looks good at the same time!

Award winning design

The CI BS5 blender has won the prestigious IF Design Award. Its clean and modern design reflects our minimalist design philosophy that “less is more”.

& No limitations

Our actively air cooled motor in the BS5 is tuned for the best performance & power in it’s class. 2.7HP crushing power directly driving the stainless steel patented 3D stainless steel blades. Incredibly powerful in a home friendly package!







1.8L tritan jar
BPA free

The cube shaped jar is developed and designed for optimal blending performance. The jar is made of Tritan, a strong and durable material that is shock and heat resistant and 100% BPA-free.


The BS5 Blender jar and blades can be fully disassembled for cleaning, which is unique in its class. Disassembling the blender is simple and easy, so it can be cleaned thoroughly for more hygienic use.


There is a lot of food that can be prepared with our CI Blenders. Making it essential for any kitchen. Food for any age and any person. Take a look at some inspirational ideas for what you can create with our blenders!


CI Blenders

Blenders are versatile and useful must-have tools in the kitchen. Make your daily smoothie, soups or blend dry ingredients in a few seconds with CI blenders We design and produce our products with the greatest care. We care about details and we take all factors such as performance, sound, durability into account to create products of the highest standard.

CI BS7 Blender


The power blender to own, featuring a powerful 4.6HP and 33000RPM motor and a solid 2 liter jar made of 5.5mm thick Tritan material (by Eastman Tritan™.).

CI 32HP Blender


The heavy duty professional blender for your home. 3.2 horsepower of blending power housed in a strong aluminum blender base and with a strong Tritan jar.

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