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Blender frequently asked questions

Blender jar is leaking liquids on the bottom

After disassembly of the blender jar for cleaning it is very important to make sure while assembling the blender jar in working order to make sure the seal is in it’s place. Also makes sure the mounting screw is assembled tightly. Test this by filling the blender jar with water and watch the bottom if water drops are slowly appearing next to the drive shaft.

– Make sure the blade holder is not slanted.
– Make sure all the gaskets are in place.
– Make sure the blade gasket’s groove position is correct

Blades are consumables and depending of the usage, water could leak when it wears-out.

If the leakage continuous, stop using and visit your nearest customer service center for inspection. It could cause malfunction and corrosion when continuously used.

Blender stopped working while blending

It is possible that the blender is overheating during use. Make sure that the bottom of the blender is not covered by a cloth or other objects. The ventilation of the motor is done through the bottom. Also do not operate the blender longer than stated in the manual of the blender.

Blender stopped or slowed down while using

Are there too much contents?
Use the stir stick to push it down or take some of the contents out.

Content too big?
Cut the content into smaller pieces.

Content stuck between the blades?
– Make sure the blade holder is not slanted.
– Make sure all the gaskets are in place.
– Make sure the blade gasket’s groove position is correct.

Blender doesn’t blend properly

Without any water or liquid

-Put in soft juicy fruits first and layer more difficult foods on top.
-Begin from lowest speed and gradually increase.
-Add water depending on the thickness.

Dry ingredients

Use stir stick or add more ingredients.

Blender performance degraded

Blade became blunt or damaged

Blades are identical as the kitchen knives which are consumables and could be come blunt and damaged depending on the usage. Visit your nearest customer service for inspection.

Dehydrator frequently asked questions

Slow Drying

Tray overloaded

-Air must flow around food freely for them to dry. Try reducing quantity on each tray.
-Find your nearest Customer Service if the motor works too slow.

Air leaks due to warp or improperly placed trays

-Replace any warped trays. • Note: The heat from most dishwashers (on the drying cycle) can warp the drying trays. Trays must be hand washed only.

Temperature too low

Unable to control the temperature

Immediately turn of the appliance and find your nearest Customer Service.

Uneven Drying

Variation in food thickness

Check whether the foods have uniform thickness.

Too much food on the trays

Check whether any substance is blocking the air flow.

Noisy Fan or Motor

-Foreign material in the fan

-Motor bearings


Immediately turn of the appliance and find your nearest Customer Service. (Whirling sound of the fan and motor is normal)

The Near Infrared Light appears to turn on and off while in use

This is normal when the dehydrator has reached it’s desired temperature. It is pulsating for the optimal dehydration result.

Oilpress frequently asked questions

Auger is clogged

-Press the reverse button for at least 3 seconds and press Start/Pause to operate it again.

-Pull out the plug from the outlet, disassemble the auger and drum, then clean the residue in the mouth beneath the hopper.

Motor stopped and no oil extracted

-Make sure the appliance is preheated at least 1 minute.

-Check whether the hopper and hopper lid is secure. The hopper will sit properly only when the drum locker lever is at ‘lock’ icon.

Motor works but no oil extracted

-Check whether the protection cover has been fully pushed down.

-Empty the hopper, then disassemble the drum and auger. After cleaning them, assemble and operate it again.

Motor stopped

-Make sure the ingredients are in the hopper. The appliance will stop and go in to protect mode when it has been operated for more than 1 minute without any ingredients.

-Check whether the ingredients are decreasing. If not, stop the appliance, stir it and start again.

-Make sure the protection cover and the hopper are in place.

Hopper not in place

Make sure the drum locking lever is at the ‘lock’ icon.

Drum locking lever stuck

-Make sure the hexagonal shape of the drum and auger is properly assembled to the housing.

-Completely disassemble the drum and auger, then assemble them again.

Abnormal noise

-Check whether foreign substance has been mixed with the ingredients.

-It could make noise when the ingredient is too big or hard. Break down the big ingredients into small pieces and refrain from extracting hard ingredients.

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