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C.I. products warrants to the original purchaser of these products which are purchased from our authorized C.I. dealers and are put into effect from the date of purchase.

Warranty can be claimed when the product has been used in accordance to the instructions of the accompanying manual, and that the material and product are free from alterations or defects caused by misuse and user error.


Heating unit 5 years
Plastic parts 2 years
Consumables/accessories None


Motor 5 years
Plastic parts 2 years
Consumables/accessories None

As long as the warranty conditions are met, new or rebuilt replacements for the heating unit or motor will be supplied free of charge. All plastic and electrical components have a warranty period of 2 years and are also covered free of charge. The shipping costs of sending the defect product or part is the responsibility of the customer.


Exclusions of Warranty

Consumables, such as silicone sheets, silicone gloves, plastic and or blender containers, knives, cutting assemblies, lids, measuring cups, stirrers, handlers, pushers, springs, knobs, dials and other accessories do not fall under the warranty conditions. Products that have been bought through online auctions, unauthorized dealers and discount/outlet retailers are not eligible for warranty from C.I.

Warranty is not given to products which have been used for purposes other than what they were originally designed for and/or have been subjected to abuse, negligence, accidents, alteration, exposure to extreme conditions and failure to follow instructions according to the manual. Also cosmetic changes or signs of wear by use do not fall under warranty conditions. The product must not be altered or repaired in any form by another company.


Warranty Claims

Please read the Warranty page first to find out whether your product falls under the conditions for warranty. Claims on warranty can be made by contacting us through our contact form.

Please follow these instructions for faster service:

  1. Please locate the sticker found on the back or on the bottom of the products, which contains the product model and serial number. Make a photo of the sticker or write the product model and serial number down.
  2. Keep your original sales receipt ready
  3. Fill in the warranty form below
  4. We will try to answer your email promptly, within 24 hours on working days.

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