Homemade yogurt

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Wholesome and delicious yogurt, it’s great for breakfast and you can eat it with muesli, honey, fruits or what not! It’s good for your digestive system and also very easy to make. Try adding your dehydrated mixed fruits for more nutrition and flavor!

What you’ll need for this recipe:
1000ml of full-fat or skimmed milk (non-fat milk can be used but it will be thinner than store bought yogurt!)
3 table spoons of plain yogurt (with no added sugars) or powdered yogurt starter

If you’re using plain, store bought yogurt, choose a yogurt that you like. Make sure to select an unsweetened one that contains live yogurt cultures.
1. Mix the milk and yogurt (starter) together
2. Fill the yogurt containers to two-thirds
3. Put a lid on and leave it in the dehydrator for 6-7 hours at 45°C
4. When finished, leave it in the refrigerator overnight for more firmness

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