Dried kiwi chips

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We’ve had persimmons and apples, but kiwis are also delicious snacks when dried! Slice them in medium sized coins and you’ll have chewy kiwi chips. You can also try dicing them if you prefer smaller pieces, they will be similar to chewy candy. Try and experiment which texture you and your family prefers. J

What you’ll need for this recipe:

3 green and 3 gold kiwis

  1. Remove the skin and slice the kiwis at 0.5cm width
  2. Evenly distribute the sliced kiwi in the dehydrator and dry them at 70 °C for 7 hours
  3. When the sugar content of the kiwi is high a light film is formed at the surface which can affect the drying times. We advise you to check how dry the kiwis are during and after dehydrating.
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