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Discover what makes CI Blenders special

We believe in products that can serve you for years to come so we do not cut corners with our blender designs. Only using the best materials available and outstanding manufacturing techniques to offer you a reliable kitchen Appliance for years to come.

The best
motor & blades

It is essential for blenders to have the rotation speed to make truly fine smoothies. But also the power to be able to cut through ingredients with ease. The shorter the time of blending the more nutrients are retained. CI blenders all feature the strongest & quickest blender motors in their class.

All our blenders come with our patented Stainless Steel 3D blades. These blender blades feature a design that ensures the best blending result and ease of use for a wide variety of ingredients. Where other brands often struggle with larger ingredients our design cuts through with ease and without the need of a stir stick to push the ingredients in.

to last

All CI blenders have hardened stainless steel drive  sockets. The powerful CI motors also call for durable drive socket that can handle the outstanding power of our powerful motors. This is why we use the best materials for for our drive socket assembly on all blender models. They last longer, are more durable and can be maintained when needed.


Our current blender lineup are all ideas & experiences from years of creating blenders put into works to offer the best for you. Enjoy cooking with CI!


Easy to use

No over complicated control panels with limited speed settings. Just a variable control dial which can be pushed to activate the pulse mode. Just turn the dial to zero for turning it off. Why making things hard?

Easy cleaning

All CI blenders have the ability to full disassemble the jar and blades for cleaning, which is unique in its class. Disassembling the blender is simple and easy, so it can be cleaned thoroughly for more hygienic use. 

Our blender

CI BS3 Blender


World’s most versatile & powerful personal blender made for you! Perfect for both quick & smaller blends of delicious smoothies to complete dishes.

CI BS7 Blender


The power blender to own, featuring a powerful 4.6HP and 33000RPM motor and a solid 2 liter jar made of 5.5mm thick Tritan material (by Eastman Tritan™.).

CI BS5 Blender


The blender redefined, a perfect fusion between performance and ease of use. Be amazed by the CI BS5. The IF design award winning blender!

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