The 9013A dehydrator has an advanced heating element which is digitally controlled for precise temperature control and even drying.

CI dehydrators features unique airfilters to prevents dust and dirt spoiling the food that is being dehydrated.

Unlike traditional dehydrators, CI dehydrators feature a low noise design for your comfort.

The 9013A dehydrator can be extended with extra trays for maximum versatility.

The CI dehydrator is quiet and efficient and has extendable, stackable trays for increased capacity. The CI dehydrator excels at evenly spreading out the heated air which improves the taste and texture of dehydrated food. Create delicious and healthy snacks or dehydrate foods for storage purposes. It is all possible with the ease and convenience of the 9013A!

Longer shelf life & more nutrients

With the CI dehydrator, you can preserve foods without having to worry about hazardous additives. Dehydrating is also an excellent way of preserving nutrients naturally present in the foods, only 3 to 4% of the nutrients are lost during the process. This is because foods are dried at gentle temperatures which prevents the heat from destroying enzymes.


The improved air circulation system ensures that the taste and texture of your food is kept optimal during the dehydration process. With the 9013A dehydrator you can now make delicious and healthy snacks for your whole family without having to worry about harmful additives. You can make fruit and vegetable chips, fruit leathers, beef jerky and other tasty treats!


Adjust the CI 9013 dehydrator to your needs and amount of food you want to dehydrate. For dehydrating in bulk, more trays can be added. When you need to dehydrate only a small amount of food, less trays can be used to save on power usage.


There is a lot of food that can be prepared with the CI IR D5 dehydrator. Making it essential for any kitchen. Food for any age and any person. Take a look at some inspirational ideas for what you can create with a CI IR D5 dehydrator.

Marinated Dehydrated Onions

Vegan, Raw, Vegetarian, Gluten-free   These marinated dehydrated onions are great to throw over your soups, meals (potatoes!) and sandwiches to add extra flavor. These marinated onions are so [...]

Marinated Dehydrated Mushroom

Vegan, Raw, Vegetarian, Gluten-free These marinated dehydrated mushrooms are chewy and so flavorful! Like the dehydrated onions, you can toss these in your salads, soups or eat them with your [...]

Dehydrated Garlic & Garlic powder

Vegan, Raw, Vegetarian, Gluten-free Garlic is used and loved in cuisines all over the world and we use garlic almost every day in our kitchen. What better way to preserve and keep a stock of [...]

Take a look at our recipes & get inspired.

Product specifications

Trays 6 trays with 2 extender trays (Extendable up to 20 trays)
Colors Available with white and grey trays
Drying space 1.38 sq.ft/tray (0.13sqm)
Watt 500watt
Temperature 35-70℃
Air Flow Vertical (Convection Current)
Accessories 6 Mesh net, 4 Yogurt cup, 2 Solid trays, 2 Exptender trays, 1 Air filter
Material Tray (Heat proof ABS)
Base (ABS)
Air filter (Fabric)
Filter Holder (ABS)
Yogurt Cup (PP)
Net (PP)
Fruit leather sheet (Silicon)
Air Flow Vertical (Convection Current)

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