CI 9013A Dehydrator

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Trays 6 trays with 2 extender trays (Extendable up to 20 trays)
Colors Available with white and grey trays
Drying space 1.38 sq.ft/tray (0.13sqm)
Watt 500watt
Temperature 35-70℃
Air Flow Vertical (Convection Current)
Accessories 6 Mesh net, 4 Yogurt cup, 2 Solid trays, 2 Exptender trays, 1 Air filter
Material Tray (Heat proof ABS)
Base (ABS)
Air filter (Fabric)
Filter Holder (ABS)
Yogurt Cup (PP)
Net (PP)
Fruit leather sheet (Silicon)
Air Flow Vertical (Convection Current)

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