Standing out

a blender like no other

Meet the BS7 blender. After years of experience we created our best blender yet for you. It is all in the details, from the official marked Tritan Jar to the powerful motor. Delivering the true benchmark in blending.

The power blender redefined

Clean lines that inspire and metal accents that ooze quality. A perfect fusion between extraordinary performance and design.

The most powerful blender!

The actively air cooled BS7 QUX motor is tuned for the best performance & power in it’s class. 4.6HP crushing power directly driving the stainless steel patented 3D stainless steel blades. No other blender comes close, even more powerful than a washing machine!


1 Blender, 2 Jars

The BS7 doesn’t only come with the premium tritan jar, the BS7 also includes the premium stainless steel jar. Perfect for making soup!

5.5mm tritan Jar

Officially licened 5.5mm thick tritan jar for maximum durability and premium looks. Shatter resistant and BPA free. Shaped for the optimal vortex while blending at high speeds.



Not only does the BS7 come with the 5.5MM Tritan jar, it also comes with a stainless steel jar with it’s own blender blades. Perfect for making a hot soup and for use when the perfect hygiene is required.


There is a lot of food that can be prepared with the CI BS7 Blender. Making it essential for any kitchen. Food for any age and any person. Take a look at some inspirational ideas for what you can create with a CI BS7 Blender.

Raw Carrot Soup

Raw, vegan   This soup is surprisingly simple and quick to make. It’s a healthy, raw and vegan friendly soup that is nourishing and comforting. This soup uses cashews for the cream base and has a [...]

Nutty Sweet Potato Soup

Nutty Sweet Potato Soup Vegeratian, Gluten-free   The Nutty Sweet Potato Soup is just like the title says, it’s sweet, nutty and rich. The soup will warm you up on a cold day. If you’re not a big [...]

Kale Cheddar Soup

Gluten-free, Easy, This soup has got to be one of our favorites for the colder seasons – it’s super easy, delicious and healthy too! This recipe requires only 4 ingredients: Kale, potatoes, [...]

Take a look at our recipes & get inspired.


Maximum Speed up to 33,000RPM
Average power consumption 1700watt
Max Motor Power 2940watt 4.6HP
Speed Control Dial type with pulse button
Jar Capacity 2L Tritan Jar – 0.9L Stainless Steel Jar
Jar Material Tritan & Stainless Steel
Blade Material Stainless Steel
Size 182 x 182 x 443mm

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