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The latest member in the BS blender family. The BS7 is the epitome of power blendering, featuring a powerful 4.6HP and 33000RPM motor and a solid 2 liter jar made of 5.5mm thick Tritan material (by Eastman Tritan™.).



Outstanding performance & design

Featuring clean lines, made only with premium materials and a cut above the rest in performance and class. Every detail is designed without compromises, from the stainless steel drive socket to the 5.5mm thick Tritan jar officially marked by Eastman Tritan™.

Faster, stronger and better

The BS7 motor is stronger than your average washing machine with 4.6HP and 33000RPM (rotations per minute). What do you get with all this power? The best crushing and blending experience – ice, nuts, fruits, vegetables all flawlessly blended to a smooth and even consistency. When activated, the motor is air cooled for long lasting durability & reliability.

Stainless steel technology

The CI 3D stainless steel blades are crafted with expertise so that all ingredients get pulled in and crushed by the blades, instead of bouncing off the surface of the blades. Unlike other blenders, this means less pushing and stirring with the blender stick to get the job done. The blender blades can also be detached from the blender jar making is easier to thoroughly clean them and perform maintenance.

Exceptional design

The BS7 is the premium model of the BS5 blender that won the IF award for Design. Clean lines, high quality materials and inspiring for any consumer to use. Featuring the single control knob that lights up as you dial up your speed and power.

Accessories & extra stainless steel jar

The BS7 comes with an extra stainless steel jar that is compact and hygienic in use. It is excellent for making smaller quantities and nut butters. The box also contains tools for disassembling the blender blades which can be cleaned or replaced when needed, which makes the BS7 suitable for heavy-duty, professional use.

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