Healthy cooking starts starts with CI

Easy to use

Our products are easy to operate and understand, cooking becomes more fun!


Become a healthier you, you can cook healthy with CI products.


Made to last for many years of heavy duty, CI products are made with top notch quality in mind.


Blenders are versatile and useful must-have tools in the kitchen. Make your daily smoothie, soups or blend dry ingredients in a few seconds with CI blenders We design and produce our products with the greatest care. We care about details and we take all factors such as performance, sound, durability into account to create products of the highest standard.


Dehydrators are great preservation and cooking tools that are multi-functional, they’re a great asset to any kitchen. Dehydrators can dry foods while optimally preserving nutrients. By drying foods they change in size, flavor and density, this allows people to cook and experiment with their dehydrated foods. Make healthy snacks such as vegetable chips, crackers, or dehydrate herbs to make teas and powders. You have a lot of options with the dehydrator!


With the Oilpresso you can make your own oils at home. Store bought oils can contain preservatives or unhealthy additives. Cold pressed oils made with the Oilpresso are 100% all natural and you decide what kind of oil you want to make. Be in control and make delicious artisan oil at home.

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